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Students at commencement

Program Overview

Lead your congregation well

This program's curriculum will allows you to lead congregations more effectively. The challenging curriculum combines the flexibility and structure needed to complete the degree in four years. Acknowledging the hectic pace of congregational life, however, the program allows individuals to focus on the particular needs and issues in their congregations.

You complete your work in a seminar-based program. The D.Min. curriculum for the concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership consists of 7 seminars. Each seminar has a campus residency component.

The program uses a cohort-based peer learning approach in which students meet regularly in an online virtual community and face-to-face every six months. The peer education and support aspect is a powerful, unique component to the program, increasing students' growth and learning.


View a graphic overview of the four year schedule. 


Introductory seminars 

Year one

  • CL7511 Integration of Theology and Ministry - Theological Reflection
  • CL7512 Pastoral Identity, Leadership, and Spiritual Life

Concentration seminars

Year two

  • CL7521 Missional Church
  • CL7522 Missional Leadership

Year three

  • CL7531 Congregational Practices and Thesis Proposal
  • CL7532 Implementation of Thesis Proposal

Thesis seminars

This yearlong seminar (CL7541) provides students with a structured process to implement the research design of their approved research proposal and to incorporate their findings into their final thesis. The seminar meets during the year for three work sessions in helping all participants finalize the chapters of their theses.

  • July - Overview of thesis, literature review (chapters 1-3) and research design

  • November - Analysis of research (chapter 4)

  • January - Summary findings and theological reflections (chapters 5-6)

  • March/April - Must be present on campus for the thesis defenses

View Doctor of Ministry thesis abstracts.