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February 2018

Book Recommendation

This month the final two volumes in Luther Seminary Professor Matthew Skinner’s “A Companion to the New Testament” are available. Volume two is titled “Paul and the Pauline Letters” and volume three is called “The General Letters and Revelation.” 

The three-volume set originated from Skinner’s teaching at Luther Seminary and offers a view of the New Testament that is both scholarly and accessible. In volume two, “Paul and the Pauline Letters,” Skinner focuses on the 13 Pauline epistles. By looking at the letters together, readers get a sense of Paul’s approach to pastoral care for specific contexts. In volume three, “The General Letters and Revelation,” Skinner focuses on the last nine books of the Bible. Readers will see how these books of the Bible portray the diverse world of the early Christian community and the lives and worries of the members of the early church. 

Yale Divinity School faculty member Michal Beth Dinkler says, “Matthew Skinner’s impressive new three-volume companion to the literature of the New Testament offers readers a welcome travel guide through the sometimes-rough terrain of the New Testament world. A respected scholar and seasoned teacher, Matthew Skinner has listened carefully to the questions and concerns raised by his students—online and in the classroom, in faith communities and in the public square. As a result, these volumes offer not only scholarly signposts for understanding the ancient world but also sage advice for those roadblocks that often leave contemporary readers stranded. Reading the New Testament is an exciting adventure; you will want this companion by your side the entire way.”

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