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September 2012

Celebrating a ministry of inspiration

The hallmark of a good leader is the ability to inspire leadership in others. Lay leader Carolyn Jewett and Pastor Steve Jerbi of All Peoples Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wis., are two such leaders. Their ministry in this vibrant congregation will be celebrated Oct. 24 as they receive Luther Seminary's 2012 Race, Church and Change award.

In a struggling neighborhood that has stood up to poverty and violence, All Peoples is a place of hope in its community. Building on an active and committed core of lay leaders from its inception, this congregation and its pastor have created a sense of family, valuing each individual as a uniquely gifted child of God. "At All Peoples Church we really mean all," the website reads. "That means there's a place for you."

Ministries built by the leaders of this congregation include peace and justice advocacy, youth ministry with youth-led neighborhood projects, a model neighborhood gardening and free meal program that emphasizes health and care of creation, and music and worship teams that thrive under the leadership of members of all ages. The high concentration of youth in the congregation requires high-energy, committed leadership and quality programming.

Carolyn Jewett and Steve Jerbi are anxious to share a glimpse of their ministries with the students and faculty of Luther Seminary when they come to campus for the award celebration. They will be demonstrating their prayer and Bible study ideas, and will lead worship at the seminary's daily chapel service. With so much energy, love and wisdom to share, this lay and clergy team will demonstrate the hallmark of their leadership to future leaders of the church: inspiring others to lead through the message of God's love and salvation through Jesus Christ.

All Peoples is also a participant in Luther Seminary's Vibrant Congregations Project for their emphasis on youth ministry. Learn more about the Vibrant Congregations Project.

The Race, Church and Change award recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted society through multicultural ministry, race relations and reconciliation. Luther Seminary annually presents the award to individuals who have heroically served in their community with the hope that such recognition will inspire others to similar ministry to improve the world around them. Learn more about the Race, Church and Change award.

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