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January 2013

Faithfulness in a time of transition

Editor's Note:  In mid-December, we announced that changes were occurring at Luther Seminary. After 10 years at the seminary, President Bliese resigned. A few days later Rick Foss was named as the interim president. We also indicated that we have some financial challenges that we are in the process of addressing. Click here to read two recent news releases that cover these topics.

We are pleased to welcome Interim President Rick Foss as the author of the president's monthly Elert article.

It is a bittersweet thing for me to be writing this article. I wish there were no financial difficulties at Luther, and my friend Rick Bliese were writing it. That is not the case.

As you know, there have been significant changes here at Luther in the past month. I have agreed to serve as interim president and am privileged to do so. I look forward to these monthly updates to you, friends and alums of Luther Seminary.

There are many ways we could describe our current situation.  One way to talk about it is that Luther Seminary is in transition.  While we are working hard to identify and address all the things that need to change, I am heartened and hopeful by the foundational footings of Luther Seminary that remain solid and strong:

  • The world continues to need church leaders who can share the gospel.
  • The mission of Luther Seminary to educate leaders for Christian communities is clear and consistent.
  • The caliber of our students remains very high.
  • The capabilities and dedication of our faculty and staff continue to be a gift.
  • The commitment of our donors is inspiring. In the midst of our recent announcements, our donors responded generously with prayers, words of encouragement and strong financial gifts.
  • And God's grace continues to permeate us all as we go about his mission.

The work we are doing to overcome our difficulties is complicated. We are committed to finding appropriate solutions and moving forward in a way that will please and delight God. I believe that "what happens matters; what we do next matters even more." As we respond to this moment, I invite you to join us. I welcome your questions and comments.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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