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May 2013

God Pause offers daily heart-to-heart reflections

Hub Nelson, M. Div. '62, remembers Edna Hong, celebrated author and beloved professor, speaking to a group of pastors. She said, "When you preach and when you write, don't communicate from your head to my head. Communicate from your heart to my heart."

Her words became a mantra for Nelson, now retired from Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Edina, Minn. Speak and write from your heart to my heart.

"This is the genius of God Pause, the daily email devotion from Luther Seminary. These devotions are not intended to be mini sermons but rather heart-to-heart conversations centered on the assigned Scripture lessons for the week." As a God Pause writer, Nelson reflects, "It is a huge privilege to tell stories born out of my personal experiences and connect heart to heart with the stories of others around the world."

Nelson begins most of his days with God Pause. "As a subscriber myself, God Pause moments are like spiritual vitamins that I can swallow even in the busiest of days," he says. "They are teasers that open your heart to receive God's Word for the coming Sunday, no matter what is going on in your life."

Join Pastor Nelson and more than 13,000 faith-filled readers in these spiritually rich, heart-to-heart reflections! We invite you to read a recent devotion and sign up for God Pause God Pause allows you to connect your heart to Scripture and center your day in God's Word.

God Pause devotions are written by Luther Seminary alumni, and are now also available on Facebook! Become a fan of God Pause by visiting

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