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October 2013

October brings beauty and possibility

October is a beautiful, busy month.

It is busy. Classes are in full swing, campus events are tightly scheduled and activities abound. It's a bit like the bustling October rhythms of a vital congregation, which many of you experience and enjoy.

It is beautiful. There is a majestic beauty in these bright, crisp autumn days. There is an even deeper beauty in the faces I see around me. Students exude eagerness, purpose and possibility. Faculty and staff reflect a depth of vocation and hope. I've had the privilege of being with several groups of pastors and donors recently, and the beauty in your faces is a source of reassurance and joy. Sometimes it is the twinkle in your eye; sometimes it is the weathered visage that bespeaks resilience and love; sometimes it is the simple encouragement of what I can only call a "yes" face.

You have reminded me that we are all part of the Body of Christ, in its breadth and depth and fullness. And you have reminded me again and again of the wise words of my former teacher, Gerhard Frost, who once wrote: "There never was a human face that wasn't worth a second look."

Thank you for helping me remember the beauty in this busy season.

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