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August 2014

Upcoming Fall Lay School classes: The Middle East, Jeremiah and the Small Catechism.

Registration is now open for 2014-2015 Lay School classes. The Lay School of Theology is a program of informal, non-credit classes taught by seminary professors for people who want to learn more about matters relating to their Christian faith and life.

Fall classes start Oct. 13. Register today! Go to:

Christians of the Middle East: Past and Future

The Middle East is the birth place of Christianity. We will discuss the beginnings of the various ancient churches as well as their theological, cultural and social and political settings throughout history. These churches have had an uninterrupted presence in the Middle East for the last two millenniums, so what is their future in a rapidly changing world?

Instructor: Lois Farag, Associate Professor of Early Church History

Jeremiah: Judgment, Trauma and Hope

Jeremiah's rhetoric matches the severity of the judgment of Judah experienced at the hands of Babylonian army. Addressed to the Jewish exiles, the book makes the astonishing claim that God has uprooted God's chosen people. Restoration will come, but only after judgment has fallen. We'll explore this moment in Israel's life and consider how Jeremiah can inform Christian identity. Webcast available.

Instructor: Michael Chan, Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Luther's Small Catechism for Today

This course will examine the individual parts of the catechism, presenting and/or reacquainting you with the teachings at the heart of the Lutheran witness. This course is being offered in preparation for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Instructors: Fred Gaiser, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament; Mary Jane Haemig, Professor of Church History; Dirk Lange, Associate Professor of Worship; Alvin Luedke, Professor of Rural Ministry; Steven Paulson, Professor of Systematic Theology; Walter Sundberg, Professor Emeritus of Church History

For more information about winter and spring classes, location, schedule and cost, visit us online at

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