What is the difference between HTML and Text email?

The two main formats for email are HTML and Plain Text. The main difference is that HTML email can include different fonts, formatting, colors and pictures. Plain text email is exactly that: plain text.

Can my email software read HTML e-mail?

Most recent versions of Microsoft and Netscape email programs (Outlook, Communicator) can display HTML email. Some web-based email software cannot. AOL users with some of the older versions of AOL will not be able to view HTML email.

Have you ever have opened an email which looks like a web page (pictures, text headlines, colors)? If so, your email software supports HTML email.

Which format should I choose for Luther Seminary e-mail?

If you can view HTML email and you are satisfied with slightly longer download times for your email, you should choose HTML. If your email software cannot read HTML email or you do not want to wait for images and other formatting information to download over a slower connection, you should choose Text.