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Olson Campus Center

Guidelines for Student-Work Supervisors

Review the following Student Employment Staffing presentation (PDF) for important information on how to work with Luther Seminary's Human Resources to hire student workers. The presentation goes through each step in the process to ensure you have the knowledge to hire with efficiency and ease.

Important forms

  • PCRF--This is the first step! The Position & Computer Requisition Form certifies that you have departmental clearance to formally file a request for employment with human resources. With this form authorized, the hiring process can start.

  • Job description--This form describes the job duties of the position as well as the requirements qualified candidates must have in order to perform those duties. This document is what shapes the job posting. Whenever you open a new student position, or need to heavily edit an existing position, we ask that you fill out the job description form.

  • New hire & status change form--Once you've selected a candidate to hire, this form must be filled out and turned into Human Resources for processing. This form authorizes the student for payment.

  • Work scheduler form--By allowing individual students to block out their work availability, this form makes scheduling work times for your student worker(s) more convenient.

  • Corrective action notice--Should you need to follow up with a student worker with any performance concerns, this form will document your discussion and track goals for a corrective action plan.

Staffing resources

  • Job description examples--Each section of the job description is explained and examples are provided of how to craft your duties and requirements in order to clearly communicate the scope and expectations of the job you're offering.

  • Interview questions--Not sure what to ask prospective candidates? Better yet, not sure what you can't ask? This document gives interview tips and sample questions for important, general skills and abilities.

  • Orientation checklist--You've hired a student worker, now what? This orientation checklist helps organize necessary information needed  in the first few days of employment in order to feel welcomed and well trained to do the job.

  • International students--Outlining various International Student Visas and any associated work restrictions, this document will help ensure both students and supervisors are informed of any different action steps in the hiring process.

  • Budgeting tool-- Having one or many student workers can sometimes significantly impact your staffing budget. This chart is designed to assist in the budgeting process for student work.