Luther Seminary Federal DIrect Loan Online Application Procedures

Welcome to the Luther Seminary Federal Direct Loan Online Application. The Dept of Education now requires that all loan applications be completed through the Internet.

Before continuing with the application process you should have:

  • Received your award letter
  • Accepted your award online

1. Find or Obtain Your PIN Number

If you completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through the Internet you should have received a PIN number. This pin number will allow you to "sign" your application electronically. If you do not have a PIN number you can get one at Pin numbers will be emailed or you can view online. A valid email address must be provided or a pin number will not be generated.  You should keep your PIN number in a secure location; it is as binding as your actual signature.

2. Complete Entrance Counseling

 If this is the first loan at Luther Seminary you will need to complete entrance counseling. To do this online, sign into, using your 4 digit pin number.  You will need to double click on the box titled Entrance Counseling in the middle of the page.  Once you finish the on-line counseling, you will receive an affirmation statement.


After the counseling affirmation, you will be asked if you want to complete a loan application/master promisory note (MPN) for a Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan.  Answer YES and you will be linked to the online application.

You will be able to complete your Direct Loan application much faster if you have the following information ready:

  • Names and complete addresses of the two people you will use as personal references. One reference should be a parent or guardian, if living. (References cannot have the same address.)
  • Your driver's license number.
  • Your award letter showing how much you are eligible to borrow.
  • You should do a budget for the academic year and determine ahead of time as closely as possible how much you need to borrow for the entire year.
  • If you do not choose to sign your promissory note online using your pin you will have the option to print your application.
  • Remember to accept your loan or reduce the offered amount in the online portal. It can be found at

When this form is completed, you will receive an affirmation statement.  At this point, you will be asked if you want to complete a Graduate PLUS application.  The answer is NO.  Only complete this application at the direction of the Financial Aid Office.

Both entrance counseling and the loan application/mpn must be completed before the financial aid office can proceed with loan processing.  The Financial Office if notified within 24 hours after you have completed Steps 2 & 3.

If you have questions you can email the Office of Financial Aid at or call us at 651-641-3463.