Gifts of Assets

Gift planning is flexible and simple. It can help you meet both your philanthropic and financial goals. Whatever your stage in life, your financial circumstances and your charitable goals, you can make a gift that benefits:

  • You and your loved ones
  • Luther Seminary
  • Future church leaders

Gifts of assets can be made as:

  • An outright gift
  • An estate gift
  • An income-producing gift
  • Other gift options


Explore the features and tax benefits that fit your individual needs and appeal most to you.


Maximize your charitable deduction and provide funds for future leaders of the church immediately.

Make a cash gift today.


Donating through appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds is quick and simple. It can also provide significant tax benefits.

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Real Estate

Through a gift of residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate, you will save on taxes and reduce responsibilities associated with property ownership while supporting Luther Seminary’s mission.

Learn more about the benefits of outright real estate gifts. Contact Susan Dunlop at or call her at 651-523-1751 today.


Charitable Gift Annuity

Support Luther Seminary while providing fixed income for life. CGAs can support up to two beneficiaries. They can also provide significant tax benefits.  

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Charitable Remainder Trusts

Meet multiple goals with this type of life-income gift. Various and flexible funding options are available.  

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Support Luther Seminary's mission and retain control of your assets during your lifetime. Create a legacy that reflects your values by making a bequest.  

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Beneficiary Designations

Name Luther Seminary as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k) and other qualified plans through this tax-efficient gift.

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

Name Luther Seminary as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and save on estate taxes.

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You can also give a gift of life insurance as an outright gift.

Contact Susan Dunlop at or 651-523-1751 to learn more.



Charitable Lead Trusts.

This allows you to make gifts today and pass them onto family later.  

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Retained Life Estates

Gift your house to Luther Seminary and continue to live there rent-free.  

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Begin the Giving Process

Contact Susan Dunlop at or 888-358-8437 to:

  • Get further information
  • Obtain a free, confidential, no-obligation proposal