Donor Stories

The call to give is compelling. Those who support Luther Seminary with their gifts of time and money can tell you what this stewardship role means to them:

Noel and Ethel Estenson

Noel Estenson is no stranger to meeting challenges. "I heard that Luther Seminary sometimes has to turn away potential students because of a lack of funding," he said. "I know that after I've left this place we call earth, Luther Seminary will continue responding to the call of supplying pastors for our churches."

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Mike Diemer

Ready and willing, Mike Diemer has supported Luther Seminary as a volunteer in many ways for 15 years. One of the primary ways he serves the seminary is by introducing it to potential major donors who have a deep love for the church.

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Dr. E. Duane and Mrs. Marlene Engstrom

We wanted to make sure that some of our present assets were set aside to benefit those attending the seminary in the future.

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Dean and Theresa Klein

Eagle, Idaho

The church needs pastors and leaders to fulfill the long-term mission Christ commanded. We take it as our personal calling to financially support this mission.

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Al and Mary Ann Solmonson

Ask Mary Ann Solmonson how she thinks of stewardship and she'll tell you it's: "Everything I am and everything I do after I say what I believe."

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Gertrude Hognander

Gertrude Hognander served the Lord with a song in her heart her whole life. Now she's used the gifts God has given her to enable others to do the same.

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Lee and Louise Sundet

Pastors and teachers who effectively teach God's word can have a great impression on young people. Lee and Louise Sundet can witness to that.

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Charles Olson

Charles Olson has served as a Luther Seminary volunteer for almost 20 years. His service is fueled by his love for the church. "I love the church and think there is no greater way to serve the church than to serve the seminary, because the seminary is the future of our church," he said.

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John and Eleanor Yackel

Circle Pines, Minnesota

Because of our respect for this institution based on the blessings we have derived from its "product" ... we have decided to invest some of our hopes, prayers, and resources at this seminary.

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Norman and Eunice Jones

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Both of our families were centered in the Christian life.  Giving and serving seemed very natural. That was where the heart was.

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