Gudina Tumsa Theological Forum

March 16-17, 2012, Luther Seminary

About the Forum

The Gudina Tumsa Theological Forum (GTTF) was inaugurated in 2008 by a group of youth Ethiopian theologians who, in the tradition of the visionary church leaders martyred under the Marxist regime of Ethiopia, aspired to restore the leading prophetic role of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) and provide a platform for sound theological reflection on developments within the church and society at large.

The EECMY is one of the many churches in Africa who are registering fast growth of church membership in the last decades. The issue of leadership, however, remains an enigmatic issue that requires further attention—as many African churches are in short of trained man power.

Therefore, this forum addresses issues related to leadership, theology and the contribution of the EECMY to the worldwide Christian community in the 21st century. Furthermore, the seminar provides a platform in which theologians engage in discussion about the future possible role of the EECMY in communal discernments and activities with other sister churches worldwide.

"May our efforts inspire many more theologians to be engaged and help the church out of passiveness and indifference to resuming a prophetic and pastoral role in awakening, equipping and caring for society." (Journal of GTTF, 2011:1)

Click here to read more about Gudina Tumsa's life, ministry and legacy.


Gudina Tumsa Foundation, Ethiopia
EECMY Theologians Forum Group

with assistance from:
Luther Seminary Global Mission Institute

Organizing Committee

Samuel Yonas Deressa (Luther Seminary, student)
Rev. Dr. Alemseged Asmelash (Trinity Lutheran Congregation, Minneapolis, Pastor)
Karen Walhof (Lutheran University Press, editor & co-founder)
Rev. Yadessa Dhaba (EECMY, President Emeritus)
Melissa Melnick (Luther Seminary, student)
Etana Debel (Luther Seminary, student)


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Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and breaks are provided as part of the Gudina Tumsa Theological Forum.

There is no fee to attend the Forum, but donations to offset costs are greatly appreciated.

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