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Global Vision - Fall 2013

Director's Corner

Robera D. Battal

The beginning of a new academic year

We started this academic year by welcoming 12 new international students from 11 countries. We are so blessed to have 58 international students from 23 countries currently studying at Luther Seminary. I encourage you to get to know them, invite them to your congregations and learn from them.

Kathryn Schifferdecker teaching in Ethiopia

Associate Professor of Old Testament Kathryn Schifferdecker reflects on time in Ethiopia

"We're not in Minnesota (or Kansas) anymore."

This thought occurred to me last fall as I watched a nearly head-on collision between a van full of people driving down a divided highway and a bull running the wrong way down that same highway. Thankfully, the van stopped just in time and the bull veered off in the other direction, followed closely by his keeper, waving a long stick and yelling.

GMI Member Congregation Profile

Casting a vision for the kingdom

While volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity workday, Pastor Deb Birkeland met a fellow volunteer from Kenya whom she recognized had gifts for ministry. Besides contributing his hard work that day, he was curious to learn the details of the organization.

International Student: Pum Za Mang

Alum heads Lutheran Church in Liberia