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Global Vision - Fall 2009

Technology and the Global Church: Strengthening Education, Connecting Community

It's one thing to sit in a classroom to learn, and to have a fine library of theological books and publications at your disposal. But what if you're a missionary in Africa ... or a student in Singapore?

Technology can make the world smaller as more resources are available on the World Wide Web. These days, Luther Seminary is supplementing its tradition of global mission by increasing the ways it reaches out to missionaries and other church leaders over the Internet.

Megan Torgerson, '06, is quick to acknowledge that access to online resources helped make her year as a Graduate Preaching Fellow successful. Torgerson spent a year studying preaching in London and Rome after graduating from Luther Seminary. Because Torgerson's husband was telecommuting to Minneapolis that year, a fast Internet connection wherever they were was a must.

Director's Corner

Dr. Steven Häggmark

Your Support Expands Horizons!

Greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus the Christ.

As I write this, your Global Mission Institute is preparing to receive 11 new international students for study at Luther Seminary. Through your support and prayers, our churches and seminary receive an incalculable benefit: our horizons are expanded to understand and participate in the work of the Holy Spirit throughout the world. The Gospel is brought to us in the fullness of its expression through the presence of these brothers and sisters in Christ. Please join me in praying that these students will thrive here, and please seek these students out when you are on campus and learn from them. Meanwhile, this issue of Global Vision will introduce you to Toshi Longkumer, one of our Asian students, as well as the intriguing experiences of one of our domestic Luther students on a study visit this summer to Myanmar, a direct result of our Visiting Schiotz Professorship.

International Student Profile

Toshi Longkumer and family

Toshi Longkumer

Tiatoshi (Toshi) Longkumer was not able to meet his son, Imsuyanger, until he was 7 months old. Longkumer, who just completed his first year in the Ph.D. program, traveled to Luther from Nagaland, India. Making the same sacrifice as many international students, Longkumer spent his first year of study living literally across the world from his wife and child.

But, after a year apart, the Longkumer family is now together in St. Paul. Longkumer gives thanks for his wife and son's safe arrival while he shares the story of his own ministry journey, which brought him to Luther Seminary.

GMI Member Profile

Joyce Thompsen with husband
John Wright, Canary Islands

Joyce A. Thompsen

Early in Joyce Thompsen's career, she came to a crossroads where she wanted to decide how to best use her gifts for the sake of spreading the Gospel message. While she considered attending seminary, Thompsen ultimately realized that she was better equipped to use her gifts in the everyday work world rather than from behind the pulpit.

Thompsen has a heart for working with others and helping them understand the world on a global scale and how they can work together to achieve positive, measurable outcomes.

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