Praise for God Pause Devotions

God Pause readers frequently write in to tell us how much they appreciate having God Pause daily devotions as a part of their daily study of scripture. Here are some of their enthusiastic comments:

I do enjoy the God Pause messages. They are so pertinent!

I like them so much that I frequently forward them to others.

I value this devotion very much and need it every day!

I appreciate receiving God Pause is one of the many tools I use for personal devotions.

I've found your connections to the scriptures to be thought-provoking - maybe even action action-provoking!

Thanks so much to you for this valuable service.

The meditations...provide a valuable "centering" at the beginning of the day.

Today's study was so very meaningful. Thanks! God Bless.

What a wonderful devotional today! Absolutely wonderful!

[These are] awe-inspiring devotions.

Thanks for the work put into making these so accessible.

God's Word is so powerful to lift one from very tough times as those I've experienced recently.

Keep lifting the name of Jesus higher.

I have been receiving God Pause emails for the past few years and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed and appreciated this week's series more than any other. They are wonderful and thought provoking and enlightening. Thank you.

Wow! What a message. Thank you.

Thank you so much for these words and scripture, which are so needed.

I will forward this to everyone that I know, for it is far more than food for thought.