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Public Domain Hymns

Many readers over the years have requested that we include hymn texts with devotions based on hymns. To meet this request, and to avoid the cumbersome copyright permission process, we request writers to use only public domain hymns.

If you are not sure which hymns are in the public domain, you may consult this list of public domain hymns from ELCA worship resources. Though the list is not exhaustive, it provides ample choices for illustrating lectionary texts and weekly themes. If you know of public domain hymns not listed here, please let us know!

Writers' Tips

  • Reference the hymn so that its tie to the devotion is clear.
  • You may quote the hymn in your devotion but know that the full text will appear on the page.
  • Use verse numbers if referring to specific words in the hymn

Source Abbreviations

  • ELW - Evangelical Lutheran Worship
  • HS91 - Hymnal Supplement 1991
  • LBW - Lutheran Book of Worship
  • WOV - With One Voice


  • Click on the column header links to re-order the list by source, category or title.
  • The text citation appears below the title in Italics.
  • Where applicable, we have provided a cross-reference hymn number for the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW).

Hymn List

ELW246246AdventHark! A Thrilling Voice Is Sounding!text
ELW273273ChristmasAll My Heart Again Rejoicestext
ELW274274ChristmasOn Christmas Nighttext
ELW275275ChristmasAngels from the Realms of Glorytext
ELW276276ChristmasInfant Holy, Infant Lowlytext
ELW283283ChristmasO Come, All Ye Faithfultext
ELW292292ChristmasLove Has Cometext
ELW294294ChristmasIn the Bleak Midwintertext
ELW316316Time After EpiphanyOh Wondrous Image, Vision Fairtext
ELW333333LentJesus Is A Rock in a Weary Landtext
ELW335335LentJesus, Keep Me Near the Crosstext
ELW338338LentBeneath the Cross of Jesustext
ELW349349Holy Week/TriduumAh, Holy Jesustext
ELW350350Holy Week/TriduumThey Crucified My Lordtext
ELW355355Holy Week/TriduumSing, My Tonguetext
ELW369369EasterChrist the Lord Is Risen Today; Alleluia!text
ELW382382EasterChrist Is Risen! Alleluia!text
ELW386386EasterO Sons and Daughters, Let Us Singtext
ELW408408Holy TrinityCome, Thou Almighty Kingtext
ELW413413Holy TrinityHoly, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!text
ELW417417FestivalsIn His Temple Now Behold Himtext
ELW429429FestivalsIn Our Day of Thanksgivingtext
ELW430430FestivalsRejoice, for Christ Is King!text
ELW437437End TimeOn Jordan's Stormy Bank I Standtext
ELW459459BaptismWade in the Watertext
ELW463463Holy CommunionLord, Who the Night You Were Betrayedtext
ELW477477Holy CommunionI Received the Living Godtext
ELW480480Holy CommunionO Bread of Life from Heaventext
ELW536536SendingGod Be With You Till We Meet Againtext
ELW549549SendingSend Me, Jesustext
ELW558558MorningLord God We Praise Youtext
ELW595595Grace/FaithJesus Love Me!text
ELW607607Confession/ForgivenessCome, Ye Disconsolatetext
ELW618618Hope, AssuranceGuide Me Ever, Great Redeemertext
ELW621621Hope, AssuranceJesus Lives, My Sure Defensetext
ELW647647Community in ChristGlorious Things of You Are Spokentext
ELW650650Community in ChristIn Christ There Is No East or Westtext
ELW677WitnessThis Little Light of Minetext
ELW697697LamentJust a Closer Walk With Theetext
ELW727727Justice, PeaceLord Christ, When First You Came to Earthtext
ELW782782Trust, GuidanceMy Shepherd, You Supply My Needtext
ELW793793Commitment, DiscipleshipBe Thou My Visiontext
ELW811811Commitment, DiscipleshipOn My Heart Imprint Your Imagetext
ELW825825Praise, ThanksgivingYour Servants of Godtext
ELW841841Praise, ThanksgivingLift Every Voice and Singtext
ELW854854Praise, ThanksgivingBlessing and Honortext
ELW860860Praise, ThanksgivingI'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Metext
ELW864864Praise, ThanksgivingPraise, My Soul, the God of Heaventext
ELW873873Praise, ThanksgivingRejoice, Ye Pure in Heart!text
ELW888888National SongsO Beautiful for Spacious Skiestext
ELW890890National SongsMine Eyes Have Seen the Glorytext
ELW892892National SongsO Canadatext
HS91Trust, GuidanceTrust and Obeytext
HS91725AdventHark! A Thrilling Voice is Soundingtext
HS91731ChristmasChristians Awaketext
HS91736EpiphanyWhat Star Is Thistext
HS91739354Holy Week/TriduumCalvarytext
HS91741352Holy Week/TriduumO Sacred Head, Now Woundedtext
HS91743EasterAwake, Arise Life Up Your Voice
HS91747EasterThis Joyful Eastertidetext
HS91754FestivalsJesus! Name Of Wondrous Lovetext
HS91755FestivalsBlessed Feast of Blessed Martyrstext
HS91765Holy CommunionBread of the Worldtext
HS91769Holy CommunionMy God, Your Table Now Is Spread
HS91789EveningO God, Creation's Secret Forcetext
HS91819645Community in ChristChrist Is Made the Sure Foundationtext
HS91827Praise, AdorationAll Things Bright and Beautiful
HS91834Praise, AdorationSing Praise to the Lord
HS91838Praise, AdorationSing Allelulia Forth in Duteous Praise
LBW22AdventThe Advent of Our Godtext
LBW23241AdventO Lord, How Shall I Meet Youtext
LBW24AdventCome, O Precious Ransomtext
LBW25244AdventRejoice, Rejoice, Believerstext
LBW27435End TimeLo! He Comes with Clouds Descendingtext
LBW29256AdventComfort, Comfort Now My Peopletext
LBW30254AdventCome, Thou Long-Expected Jesustext
LBW31AdventWake, Awake, for Night Is Flyingtext
LBW34257AdventOh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanueltext
LBW35239AdventHark, The Glad Sound!text
LBW36249AdventOn Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Crytext
LBW37AdventHark! A Thrilling Voice Is Soundingtext
LBW39267AdventJoy to the Worldtext
LBW40296ChristmasWhat Child Is Thistext
LBW41279ChristmasO Little Town of Bethlehemtext
LBW42295ChristmasOf the Father's Love Begottentext
LBW43ChristmasRejoice, Rejoice This Happy Morntext
LBW45283ChristmasOh, Come, All Ye Faithfultext
LBW46ChristmasOnce Again My Heart Rejoicestext
LBW50ChristmasAngels, from the Realms of Glorytext
LBW52286ChristmasYour Little Ones, Dear Lordtext
LBW54282ChristmasIt Came Upon the Midnight Cleartext
LBW55288ChristmasGood Christian Friends, Rejoicetext
LBW56300ChristmasThe First Noeltext
LBW57291ChristmasLet Our Gladness Have No Endtext
LBW60270ChristmasHark! The Herald Angels Singtext
LBW62298ChristmasThe Bells of Christmastext
LBW64ChristmasFrom East to Westtext
LBW65281ChristmasSilent Night, Holy Night!text
LBW67277ChristmasAway in a Mangertext
LBW71290ChristmasAngels We Have Heard on Hightext
LBW77EpiphanyO One with God the Fathertext
LBW78EpiphanyAll Praise to You, O Lordtext
LBW80EpiphanyOh, Wondrous Type! Oh, Vision Fairtext
LBW82302EpiphanyAs With Gladness Men of Oldtext
LBW83EpiphanyFrom God the Father, Virgin-Borntext
LBW84303EpiphanyBrightest and Best of the Starstext
LBW86309Time After EpiphanyThe Only Son From Heaventext
LBW87311Time After EpiphanyHail to the Lord's Anointedtext
LBW88322LentOh, Love, How Deeptext
LBW89315Time After EpiphanyHow Good, Lord, to Be Heretext
LBW90310Time After EpiphanySongs of Thankfulness and Praisetext
LBW91601Confession/ForgivenessSavior, When in Dust to Youtext
LBW92LentWere You Theretext
LBW93LentJesus, Refuge of the Wearytext
LBW94LentMy Song Is Love Unknowntext
LBW95LentGlory Be To Jesustext
LBW97339LentChrist, the Life of All the Livingtext
LBW98337LentAlas! And Did My Savior Bleedtext
LBW102LentOh My Heart Imprint Your Imagetext
LBW103LentO Christ, Thou Lamb of Godtext
LBW104324LentIn The Cross of Christ I Glorytext
LBW106LentIn the Hour of Trialtext
LBW108344Holy Week/TriduumAll Glory, Laud, and Honortext
LBW109347Holy Week/TriduumGo to Dark Gethsemanetext
LBW110Holy WeekAt the Cross, Her Station Keepingtext
LBW112Holy WeekJesus, in They Dying Woestext
LBW114Holy WeekThere Is a Green Hill Far Awaytext
LBW115345Holy Week/TriduumJesus, I Will Ponder Nowtext
LBW119Holy WeekNature With Open Volume Standstext
LBW120Holy WeekOf the Glorious Body Tellingtext
LBW122360Holy Week/TriduumLove Consecrates the Humblest Acttext
LBW128EasterChrist the Lord Is Risen Today; Allelua!text
LBW129378EasterAwake, My Heart, with Gladnesstext
LBW130373EasterChrist the Lord Is Risen Today!text
LBW132363EasterCome, You Faithful, Raise the Straintext
LBW133EasterJesus Lives! The Victory's Won!text
LBW134EasterChrist Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bandstext
LBW135366EasterThe Strife Is O'er, the Battle Donetext
LBW137371EasterChristians, to the Paschal Victimtext
LBW138EasterHe Is Arisen! Glorious Word!text
LBW139EasterO Sons and Daughters of the Kingtext
LBW141361EasterThe Day of Resurrection!text
LBW145376EasterThine Is the Glorytext
LBW147380EasterHallelujah! Jesus Lives!text
LBW151365EasterJesus Christ Is Risen Todaytext
LBW153EasterWelcome, Happy Morningtext
LBW154384EasterThat Easter Day with Joy Was Brighttext
LBW156AscensionLook, the Sight is Glorioustext
LBW158392EasterAlleluia! Sing to Jesustext
LBW163395PentecostCome, Holy Ghost, God and Lordtext
LBW164PentecostCreator Spirit, by Whose Aidtext
LBW165473Holy CommunionHoly, Holy, Holytext
LBW167Holy TrinityGlory Be to God the Father!text
LBW170855Praise, ThanksgivingCrown Him with Many Crownstext
LBW171Christ The KingRejoice, the Lord Is King!text
LBW172475Holy CommunionLord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendortext
LBW173432FestivalsThe Head That Once Was Crownedtext
LBW176427FestivalsFor All Your Saints, O Lordtext
LBW182FestivalsRise, O Children of Salvationtext
LBW183FestivalsThe Son of God Goes Forth to Wartext
LBW187443BaptismDearest Jesus, We Are heretext
LBW188450BaptismI Bind Unto Myself Todaytext
LBW192BaptismBaptized into Your Name Most Holytext
LBW194442BaptismAll Who Believe and Are Baptizedtext
LBW197542SendingO Living Bread from Heaventext
LBW198Holy CommunionLet All Mortal Flesh Keep Silencetext
LBW199Holy CommunionThee We Adore, O Hidden Saviortext
LBW202Holy CommunionVictim Divine, Your Grace We Claimtext
LBW210362EasterAt the Lamb's High Feast We Singtext
LBW211Holy CommunionHere, O My Lord, I See Theetext
LBW212471Holy CommunionLet Us Break Bread Togethertext
LBW217467Holy CommunionWe Place Upon Your Table, Lordtext
LBW219501Holy CommunionCome with Us, O Blessed Jesustext
LBW220541SendingO Jesus, Blessed Lordtext
LBW225Holy CommunionLord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Praytext
LBW226Holy CommunionDraw Near and Take the Body of the Lordtext
LBW228, 229504Word of GodA Mighty Fortress Is Our Godtext
LBW230517Word of GodLord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Wordtext
LBW231514Word of GodO Word of God Incarnatetext
LBW232Word of GodYour Word, O Lord, is Gentle Dewtext
LBW234516Word of GodAlmighty God, Your Word Is Casttext
LBW235515Word of GodBreak Now the Bread of Lifetext
LBW239509Word of GodGod's Word Is Our Great Heritagetext
LBW240Word of GodFather of Mercies, in Your Wordtext
LBW241870Praise, ThanksgivingWe Praise You, O Godtext
LBW242876Praise, ThanksgivingLet the Whole Creation Crytext
LBW243GatheringLord, with Glowing Hearttext
LBW245883Praise, ThanksgivingAll People That on Earth Do Dwelltext
LBW248520GatheringDearest Jesus, at Your Wordtext
LBW250533GatheringOpen Now Thy Gates of Beautytext
LBW251521GatheringO Day of Rest and Gladnesstext
LBW252GatheringYou Servants of Godtext
LBW253527GatheringLord Jesus Christ, Be Present Nowtext
LBW254847Praise, ThanksgivingCome, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songstext
LBW257398PentecostHoly Spirit, Truth Divinetext
LBW259545SendingLord, Dismiss Us with Your Blessingtext
LBW260537SendingOn Our Way Rejoicingtext
LBW261550SendingOn What Has Now Been Sowntext
LBW262534SendingSavior, Again to Your Dear Nametext
LBW263SendingAbide with us, Our Saviortext
LBW263539SendingAbide, O Dearest Jesustext
LBW264MorningWhen All Your Mercies, O My Godtext
LBW265553SendingChrist, Whose Glory Fills the Skiestext
LBW269557MorningAwake, My Soul, and with the Suntext
LBW272629Hope, AssuranceAbide With Metext
LBW273EveningO Christ, You Are the Light and Daytext
LBW274569EveningThe Day You Gave Us, Lord, Has Endedtext
LBW277567EveningTo You, before the Close of Daytext
LBW278565EveningAll Praise to Thee, My God, This Nighttext
LBW279EveningOh, Gladsome Lighttext
LBW280570EveningNow the Day Is Overtext
LBW281EveningGod, Who Made the Earth and Heaventext
LBW284577, 578Vocation/MinistryCreator Spirit, Heavenly Dovetext
LBW286Vocation/MinistryBow Down Your Ear, Almighty Lordtext
LBW290588Grace/FaithThere's a Wideness in God's Mercytext
LBW292323LentGod Loved the Worldtext
LBW293596Grace/FaithMy Hope Is Built on Nothing Lesstext
LBW296592Grace/FaithJust As I Am, Without One Pleatext
LBW298JustificationOne There Is, above All Otherstext
LBW299JustificationDear Christians, One and Alltext
LBW300604Confession/ForgivenessO Christ, Our Hopetext
LBW301JustificationCome to Calvary's Holy Mountaintext
LBW302JustificationJesus, Your Blood and Righteousnesstext
LBW303Repentance, ForgivenessWhen in the Hour of Deepest Needtext
LBW304Repentance, ForgivenessToday Your Mercy Calls Ustext
LBW305Repentance, ForgivenessI Lay My Sins on Jesustext
LBW306609Confession/ForgivenessChief of Sinners though I Betext
LBW308Repentance, ForgivenessGod the Father, Be One Staytext
LBW309Repentance, ForgivenessLord Jesus, Think on Metext
LBW310Repentance, ForgivenessTo You, Omniscient Lord of Alltext
LBW312Repentance, ForgivenessOnce He Came in Blessingtext
LBW313Christian HopeA Multitude Comes from East and Westtext
LBW315631Hope, AssuranceLove Divine, All Loves Excellingtext
LBW316Christian HopeJesus, the Very Thought of Youtext
LBW318Christian HopeThe Lord Will Come and Not Be Slowtext
LBW320632Hope, AssuranceO God, Our Help in Ages Pasttext
LBW321Christian HopeThe Day Is Surely Drawing Neartext
LBW324Christian HopeO Love That Will Not Let Me Gotext
LBW325750PrayerLord, Thee I Love with All My Hearttext
LBW327623Hope, AssuranceRock of Ages, Cleft for Metext
LBW328634Hope, AssuranceAll Hail the Power of Jesus' Name!text
LBW330Christian HopeIn Heaven Abovetext
LBW331Christian HopeJerusalem, My Happy Hometext
LBW332Christian HopeBattle Hymn of the Republictext
LBW334755Trust, GuidanceJesus, Savior, Pilot Metext
LBW335Christian HopeMay God Bestow on Us His Gracetext
LBW337Christian HopeOh, What Their Joytext
LBW338381EasterPeace, to Soothe Our Bitter Woestext
LBW340Christian HopeJesus Christ, My Sure Defensetext
LBW341624Hope, AssuranceJesus, Still Lead Ontext
LBW344Christian HopeWe Sing the Praise of Him Who Diedtext
LBW345620Hope, AssuranceHow Sweet the Name of Jesus Soundstext
LBW346785Trust, GuidanceWhen Peace Like a Rivertext
LBW347Christian HopeJerusalem the Goldentext
LBW352619Hope, AssuranceI Know That My Redeemer Lives!text
LBW353Community in ChristMay We Your Precepts, Lord Fulfilltext
LBW356658Community in ChristO Jesus, Joy of Loving Heartstext
LBW358Community in ChristGlories of Your Name Are Spokentext
LBW362681StewardshipWe Plow the Fields and Scattertext
LBW364655Community in ChristSon of God, Eternal Saviortext
LBW366766Trust, GuidanceLord of Our Lifetext
LBW368Community in ChristI Love Your Kingdom, Lordtext
LBW369654Community in ChristThe Church's One Foundationtext
LBW370656Community in ChristBlest Be the Tie That Bindstext
LBW373Community in ChristEternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Roundtext
LBW375Community in ChristOnly-Begotten, Word of God Eternaltext
LBW376WitnessYour Kingdom Come!text
LBW380WitnessO Christ, Our Light, O Radiance Truetext
LBW381WitnessHark, the Voice of Jesus Callingtext
LBW385WitnessWhat Wondrous Love Is Thistext
LBW388WitnessO Spirit of the Living Godtext
LBW389WitnessStand Up, Stand Up for Jesustext
LBW390661WitnessI Love to Tell the Storytext
LBW397668WitnessO Zion, Hastetext
LBW398WitnessTake Up Your Cross," the Savior Saidtext
LBW400673WitnessGod, Whose Almighty Wordtext
LBW401893National SongsBefore You, Lord, We Bowtext
LBW403676WitnessLord, Speak to Us, That We May Speaktext
LBW406685StewardshipTake My Life, That I May Betext
LBW407693StewardshipCome, Ye Thankful People, Cometext
LBW410686StewardshipWe Give Thee but Thine Owntext
LBW412694StewardshipSing to the Lord of Harvesttext
LBW414749PrayerO God of Love, O King of Peacetext
LBW415705Justice, PeaceGod of Grace and God of Glorytext
LBW418SocietyJudge Eternal, Throned in Splendortext
LBW424707Justice, PeaceLord of Glory, You Have Bought Ustext
LBW425714SocietyO God of Mercy, God of Lighttext
LBW429719Justice, PeaceWhere Cross the Crowded Ways of Lifetext
LBW431SocietyYour Hand, O Lord, in Days of Oldtext
LBW438745PrayerLord, Teach Us How to Pray Arighttext
LBW439742PrayerWhat a Friend We Have in Jesustext
LBW440PrayerChristians, While on Earth Abidingtext
LBW443PrayerRise, My Soul, to Watch and Praytext
LBW445Trust, GuidanceUnto the Hillstext
LBW447589Grace/FaithAll Depends on Our Possessingtext
LBW448779Trust, GuidanceAmazing Grace, How Sweet the Soundtext
LBW450Trust, GuidanceWho Trusts in God, a Strong Abodetext
LBW451Trust, GuidanceThe Lord's My Shepherdtext
LBW452Trust, GuidanceAs Pants the Hart for Cooling Streamstext
LBW454Trust, GuidanceIf God Himself Be for Metext
LBW455799Commitment, DiscipleshipCome, Follow Me, the Savior Spaketext
LBW456502Holy CommunionThe King of Love My Shepherd Istext
LBW457Trust, GuidanceJesus, Priceless Treasuretext
LBW459786Trust, GuidanceO Holy Spirit, Enter Intext
LBW460Trust, GuidanceI Am Trusting You Lord Jesustext
LBW462Trust, GuidanceGod the Omnipotent!text
LBW464758Trust, GuidanceYou Are the Waytext
LBW467756Trust, GuidanceEternal Father, Strong to Savetext
LBW472Trust, GuidanceCome, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspiretext
LBW475404PentecostCome, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dovetext
LBW477Trust, GuidanceO God of Jacobtext
LBW479759Trust, GuidanceMy Faith Looks Up to Theetext
LBW480772Trust, GuidanceOh, That the Lord Would Guide My Waystext
LBW481789Trust, GuidanceSavior, like a Shepherd Lead Ustext
LBW482803Commitment, DiscipleshipWhen I Survey the Wondrous Crosstext
LBW483Trust, GuidanceGod Moves in a Mysterious Waytext
LBW486800Commitment, DiscipleshipSpirit of God, Descend Upon My Hearttext
LBW488CommitmentBreathe on Me, Breath of Godtext
LBW489CommitmentWide Open Are Your Handstext
LBW490CommitmentLet Me Be Yours Forevertext
LBW492818Commitment, DiscipleshipO Master, Let Me Walk With Youtext
LBW494696StewardshipJesus Calls Us, O'er the Tumulttext
LBW495805Commitment, DiscipleshipLead On, O King Eternal!text
LBW497332, 611LentI Heard the Voice of Jesus Saytext
LBW499807Commitment, DiscipleshipCome, Thou Fount of Every Blessingtext
LBW500813Commitment, DiscipleshipFaith of Our Fatherstext
LBW500812Commitment, DiscipleshipFaith of Our Fatherstext
LBW501CommitmentHe Leadeth Me: Oh, Blessed Thought!text
LBW502CommitmentThee Will I Love, My Strengthtext
LBW503810Commitment, DiscipleshipO Jesus, I Have Promisedtext
LBW504806Commitment, DiscipleshipO God, My Faithful Godtext
LBW505CommitmentForth in Thy Name, O Lord, I Gotext
LBW507796CommitmentHow Firm a Foundationtext
LBW509CommitmentOnward, Christian Soldierstext
LBW511CommitmentRenew Me, O Eternal Lighttext
LBW512CommitmentOh, Blest the Housetext
LBW513816Commitment, DiscipleshipCome, My Way, My Truth, My Lifetext
LBW514820Praise, ThanksgivingO Savior, Precious Saviortext
LBW517Praise, AdorationPraise to the Fathertext
LBW518838Praise, ThanksgivingBeautiful Saviortext
LBW519Praise, AdorationMy Soul, Now Praise Your Maker!text
LBW520848Praise, ThanksgivingGive to Our God Immortal Praise!text
LBW523582Vocation/MinistryHoly Spirit, Ever Dwellingtext
LBW524863Praise, ThanksgivingMy God, How Wonderful Thou Arttext
LBW525854Praise, AdorationBlessing and Honortext
LBW526834Praise, ThanksgivingImmortal, Invisible, God Only Wisetext
LBW530434End TimeJesus Shall Reigntext
LBW531Praise, AdorationBefore Jehovah's Awesome Thronetext
LBW533839Praise, ThanksgivingNow Thank We All Our Godtext
LBW535414Holy TrinityHoly God, We Praise Your Nametext
LBW536Praise, AdorationO God of God, O Light of Lighttext
LBW537Praise, AdorationO Jesus, King Most Wonderful!text
LBW540823Praise, ThanksgivingPraise the Lord! O Heavenstext
LBW541Praise, AdorationPraise the Lord of Heaven!text
LBW542871Praise, ThanksgivingSing Praise to God, the Highest Goodtext
LBW543858Praise, ThanksgivingPraise to the Lord, the Almightytext
LBW544831Praise, ThanksgivingThe God Of Abraham Praisetext
LBW545853Praise, ThanksgivingWhen Morning Gilds the Skiestext
LBW547Praise, AdorationThee We Adore, Eternal Lord!text
LBW548842Praise, ThanksgivingOh, Worship the Kingtext
LBW549Praise, AdorationPraise, My Soul, the King of Heaventext
LBW550Praise, AdorationFrom All That Dwell below the Skiestext
LBW551836Praise, ThanksgivingJoyful, Joyful We Adore Theetext
LBW552867Praise, ThanksgivingIn Thee Is Gladnesstext
LBW553Celebration, JubilationRejoice, O Pilgrim Throng!text
LBW554824Praise, ThanksgivingThis Is My Father's Worldtext
LBW559886Praise, ThanksgivingOh, for a Thousand Tongues to Singtext
LBW561879Praise, ThanksgivingFor the Beauty of the Earthtext
LBW564884Praise, ThanksgivingPraise God, from Whom All Blessings Flowtext
LBW566National SongsMy Country, 'Tis of Theetext
LBW567National SongsGod of Our Fatherstext
LBW568National SongsGod Save Our Gracious Queen!text
LBW569891National SongsGod Bless Our Native Landtext
WOV627438End TimeMy Lord, What a Morningtext
WOV643269ChristmasOnce in Royal David’s Citytext
WOV645ChristmasThere's a Star in the Easttext
WOV646EpiphanyWe Three Kinds of Orient Aretext
WOV654318EpiphanyAlleluia, Song of Gladnesstext
WOV656LentBy The Babylonian Riverstext
WOV664Holy Week/TriduumA New Commandmenttext
WOV670Holy Week/TriduumWhen Israel Was In Egypt’s Landtext
WOV676391EasterThis Joyful Eastertidetext
WOV677EasterAlleluia Canontext
WOV680405PentecostO Spirit of Lifetext
WOV690423FestivalsShall We Gather at the Rivertext
WOV699638Hope, AssuranceBlessed Assurancetext
WOV734608Confession/ForgivenessSoftly and Tenderly Jesus Is Callingtext
WOV737614HealingThere Is a Balm in Gileadtext
WOV742625Hope, AssuranceCome, We that Love the Lordtext
WOV747645Community in ChristChrist Is Made the Sure Foundationtext
WOV767Creation, PreservationAll Things Bright and Beautifultext
WOV769Creation, PreservationMothering God, You Gave Me Birthtext
WOV774753PrayerDona Nobis Pacemtext
WOV780774Trust, GuidanceWhat a Fellowship, What a Joy Divinetext
WOV781763Trust, GuidanceMy Life Flows On in Endless Songtext
WOV788Praise, AdorationGlory to God, Glory in the Highesttext
WOV792Praise, AdorationAmen, Hallelujahtext
WOV798Praise, AdorationBless the Lord, O My Soultext
WOV800Praise, AdorationEach Morning Brings Ustext