Thesis Proposal - Master of Theology degree

After completing course requirements and language examinations, the student will register for thesis preparation through the Graduate Theological Education office.

The associate dean, at the written request of the student and with the written permission of the faculty member nominated, appoints the thesis adviser. View and print the thesis adviser form here.

The student, in consultation with the thesis adviser, prepares a thesis proposal including:

  1. a working title
  2. a brief discussion of the existing scholarship on the topic
  3. a statement of the nature and purpose of the thesis
  4. a detailed outline describing the content of each chapter of the thesis
  5. a working bibliography
  6. a schedule for writing and completing the thesis
  7. nominations for two members of the faculty who agree to serve, along with the thesis adviser, as readers of the thesis.

During the time of consultation with the thesis adviser, the student is encouraged to arrange a session with the reference librarian to review research strategies pertaining to the proposal and to refine the working bibliography.

Having secured approval of the thesis adviser and readers on the appropriate form, the student submits the form along with the completed theiss proposal to the chair of the thesis adviser's division for the division's approval. View and print the thesis proposal form here.

After securing approval by the division, the student submits both a hard copy and an electronic copy of the thesis proposal to the Graduate Theological Education Office ( for approval by the Graduate Committee.