Distribution Requirements

With respect to History of Christianity and Systematic Theology, at least four of the six courses required for the degree (in addition to the three required seminars) must be taken in the area of study to which the student has been admitted. All four of these courses must be from among those designated 8000 level courses. The remaining required courses may be in other areas from among 6000 or 8000 level courses.

With respect to Pastoral Care and Counseling, the course, Dissertation Proposal Using Social Science Research must be taken in place of an elective course by those intending to carry out social scientific research as part of their thesis project.

With respect to Congregational Mission and Leadership, the four required concentration core courses are to be chosen from the following six courses:

  • The Gospel and Culture(s)
  • Trinity and Mission
  • Congregational Leadership
  • The Congregation
  • Theological Hermeneutics
  • Missiology and the Missional Church

The remaining required courses (in addition to the required three seminars and four concentration core courses) may be in any area from among 6000 or 8000 level courses.

In all concentration areas, only courses passed with a grade of B or better may receive graduate credit.