Program Objectives

The doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is an advanced research program designed to develop the scholarly leadership of the church throughout the world from a historical perspective.

The concentration in History of Christianity within the Ph.D. program focuses primarily on educating and preparing church historians to teach in seminaries, colleges, and universities around the globe. It does so through nine area and interdisciplinary seminars or graduate courses, faculty/student colloquia, independent research, mastery of languages, comprehensive exams and a thesis.The program is deliberately theological and confessional without compromising its commitment to academic excellence and accountability.

Expected Outcomes

Though this program, Luther Seminary:

  • Works with students as a community of learners, to develop the next generation of teachers and scholars for emerging, creative and global opportunities in church and academy.
  • Educates persons who have the gifts and skills for academic excellence and a passion for theological leadership for a church in mission to the world.
  • Guides students in exploring and expressing the meaning of faith in the Triune God for today's world, with its various contexts and challenges.
  • Mentors students who will have global mastery of the field in both content and method, including research languages, that will facilitate research, analysis, and writing at a professional level.
  • Enables students to interpret the subjects and issues of church history and historical theology to the academy, church, and culture.