Program Objectives

The doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is an advanced research program designed to develop the scholarly leadership of the church throughout the world.

It fosters the mastery of a specific theological discipline and equips students for teaching through nine area and interdisciplinary seminars or graduate courses, colloquia, independent research, mastery of languages, comprehensive exams and a thesis.The program is deliberately theological and confessional without compromising its commitment to academic excellence and accountability.

The concentration in Congregational Mission and Leadership within the Ph.D. program focuses primarily on educating and preparing persons to teach in seminaries in North America, although international students are also welcome.

A person holding a degree with this concentration is able to specialize in teaching Missiology within the North American context, although other context specializations are also available.Academic roles in seminaries that relate to this specialization include positions such as:

  • Missiology
  • Church Leadership
  • Congregational Mission
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Congregational Studies
  • Mission and Evangelism

Expected Outcomes

Through this program, Luther Seminary:

  • Educates and prepares persons who have the skills for academic excellence and the passion for educating leaders for a missional church.
  • Educates and prepares persons who have the skills for academic excellence and the passion for serving the professional leadership needs of the missional church.
  • Provides opportunities for doctoral students to teach at the seminary and /or in teaching congregations.
  • Provides opportunities for doctoral students to engage in research and development.
  • Develops a substantive research database on congregations in North America which can be used to enhance both scholarship and service. This research includes securing grants from funding agencies for relevant research topics.
  • Develops research capacity at Luther Seminary to support the functions of environmental scan, research & development, and performance evaluation