At Luther Seminary, we're big on walking. We have a large and beautiful campus tucked away in a delightful neighborhood with plenty of routes that make for a pleasant walk.

Increase your steps: Take the Long Way!

Increasing your walking is the easiest, most natural way to raise your activity level and boost your metabolism. Find simple ways to increase the number of steps you walk each day, and you'll be amazed at how your health benefits.

  • When you drive to campus, park farther away from your classroom building. 

  • When you carry in groceries, take only one bag at a time, making more trips from the car to your door.

  • Got a few extra minutes to get to class? Why not take the long way from the campus center to the library? Walk around Bockman Hall instead of taking the direct path.

The Time Factor

In a recent survey of Healthy Leaders 21-Day Challenge participants, the No. 1 obstacle to keeping up with an exercise routine was the time commitment. But think about this:

  • It only takes one extra minute to walk around Bockman from the campus center to the library.

  • It only takes four extra minutes of walking time if you park in the Stub lot and walk to the library rather than parking in the Gullixson lot.

  • It may only add five minutes to the end of your grocery shopping trip to add the benefit of walking up and down the stairs to get that second bag of groceries.

Look for ways to add just a few more steps to your daily walking. Think of the benefit you are giving to your health, and you'll find that the time factor disappears!