Community members listening to a lecture at the Rethinking Confirmation event

The Andrew S. Burgess Lectures in Global Mission

Jan. 25, 2018, 4 p.m.
Olson Campus Center, Chapel of the Incarnation

Religious Encounters along Chinese and Indian Silk Roads: Reflections on the Spiritual and Inter-Religious Issues in Christian Missions

The geohistorical emergence of the Christian faith shaped its apologetic. But it also entails the Church’s inescapable theological challenges in the light of scientific discoveries, technological innovations and medical advances. Only a truly interdisciplinary theological approach to revelation and creation can meet the challenges posed by modern paleoanthropology and cognitive neuroscience. This lecture will outline Dr. Choong's spiritual quest for God’s presence in the world by detecting the Fingerprints of God in the beauty and abundance on created nature. 

Ron Choong, lecturer
Ron Choong, Ph.D.

Dr. Ron Choong is the founder and director of the Academy for Christian Thought in New York. He is into his 25th year of an evolving research project which seeks to build a global narrative of humanity, its origins, migrations, development of language, moral thought, religious ideologies, as well as scientific discoveries and technological innovations that led to medical advances.

The Andrew S. Burgess Lectures in Global Mission

Through these lectures, the task of global mission today is interpreted in the light of the Christian tradition, the historical experience of the church, and the contemporary situation in the world.

The Andrew S. Burgess Lecture in Global Mission was inaugurated in 1991 in an ongoing effort to introduce leading scholars in global mission to the Luther Seminary community. The Burgess Lecture is made possible by a fund established in honor of the life and work of Andrew S. Burgess, former missionary, missionary executive, and professor of missions at Luther Seminary.

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The 2018 Burgess Lecture will be livestreamed for free.

Check this space for a link to YouTube on Thursday, Jan. 25, at 4 p.m. (CST).