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Students at commencement

Library Spotlight

Gullixson Hall Renovation Summer 2014


Construction will consist of two major parts: modernization of the elevator in the library stacks and addition of a new elevator to service the main floors of Gullixson Hall. Construction is scheduled to begin after commencement around May 19, with hopes of completion by early fall. With the additional elevator, new accessible restroom, and other modifications, the seminary is addressing long-held accessibility concerns in Gullixson Hall. 

Construction equipment and supplies may occupy a portion of the parking lot and, for a period of time, access may be limited to the south entrance. Construction noise, loudest during the initial demolition, will discourage most classes and other events from occurring in Gullixson over the summer months. The library plans to remain open although we may have to occasionally adjust our hours to accommodate construction activities.

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Library hours

September 1-3: Closed

September 4–November 25
Mon.–Thurs.: 7:45am–10:00pm
Fri.: 7:45am –5:00pm
Sat.: 1:00–5:00pm
Sun.: 6:00–10:00pm
Nov. 17 & 18: Closed
Nov. 19-21: 8:00am-5:00pm
Nov. 22-25: Closed

November 26–January 2

Mon.–Thurs.: 7:45am–10:00pm
Fri.: 7:45am –5:00pm
Sat.: 1:00–5:00pm
Sun.: 6:00–10:00pm
Dec. 15-16: Closed
Dec. 17–21: 8:00am–5:00pm
Dec. 22–Jan. 1: Closed

January 2: 7:45am-10:00pm

*Library book stacks close 15min. before library closing time.