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A Balcony Perspective ebookA Balcony Perspective: Clarifying the Trustee Role

by Richard Broholm and Douglas Wysockey-Johnson

This 80-page book was reprinted by Luther Seminary in 2004 as part of the Centered Life Series, and originally published by The Robert K. Greenleaf Center in 1993.

While directed at trustees and board members in the nonprofit world, readers of the original edition quickly realized its worth for other governing boards, in particular church councils.

Church councils have discovered and applied the principles of A Balcony Perspective to achieve growth in the congregation as a whole.

Our hope is that congregational leadership will find itself in these pages, and that it will encourage governance that holds in trust the mission of the congregation, providing a "safety net" for the congregational professional leadership to do creative work.

- adapted from the foreword to the 2004 edition

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