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Stewardship 101 ebook coverStewardship 101: An Invitation to Financial Stewardship

Edited by Adam J. Copeland

Are you seeking stewardship renewal that’s focused on practical ministry and doesn’t sacrifice sound theology? This short and timely ebook features 17 articles revised and reissued from Luther Seminary’s weekly stewardship newsletter. It’s intended for church members invited to serve on stewardship/generosity committees, for clergy seeking new energy for financial leadership, and for Christians wondering what, if anything, God has to do with day-to-day finances.

Writers include David Lose, Grace Duddy Pomroy, Rolf Jacobson, Catherine Malotky, and many others.

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Rev. Adam J. Copeland is director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders. Among other responsibilities, Copeland edits the CSL weekly stewardship newsletter, and teaches the popular course Money and Mission of the Church. He is editor of the book, Beyond the Offering Plate: A Holistic Approach to Stewardship, (WJK 2017).