DL Dispatch - December 2010


Interesting facts about Luther Seminary's DL program

The program, as designed, takes six years to complete. This includes:

  • 20 online courses
  • 10 two-week intensive courses in January and June of each year
  • Contextual learning in a teaching congregation for at least four semesters
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (scheduled in the fall of Year 3)
  • An approved internship that can take various forms (such as a two-year concurrent internship or full-time, one-year internship)

Prospective students who would like to participate in this program must be:

  • Entered by their respective candidacy committees
  • Admitted to the seminary by the admissions committee
  • Approved by their respective candidacy committees to participate in the DL program
  • Invited into the program by the DL admissions committee, contingent upon the above processes

Once admitted, students may:

  • Take Greek, a prerequisite course, as an online class in the fall semester
  • Begin course work with fellow cohort members during the January intensive

A cohort forms each January with new DL students.

  • The first cohort started with the 2007-2008 academic year.
  • The maximum enrollment in a cohort is 25.