The Prodigal Son

"And Grace Will Lead Me Home"

Images of the Prodigal Son
from the Jerry Evenrud Collection

by Robert Brusic

Jerry Evenrud is a musician and art collector who has collected artwork depicting images of the Prodigal Son for more than 30 years. The fruit of his labors, now the world's largest known collection of images of the Prodigal Son parable, encompasses works from 1540 to 2005. In this beautiful, 199-page, full-color volume, the collection reveals the desire of artists to delve into the meaning of the parable, conveying that meaning to others. Each image from the collection is accompanied by a reflection written by Rev. Robert Brusic, Pastor Emeritus of Luther Seminary.

"Brusic has favored us with crisp and witty descriptions of the art that fairly crackle with insight as he leads us through the intricacies of Jerry Evenrud's unique collection...Buy this book for the marvelous art, but savor the scintillating commentary."

- Mark A. Throntveit, Book Editor, Word & World.

For more information about this book, contact Luther Seminary at or 651-641-3451.