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Learners smile in classroom at Luther Seminary


Sorted by workshop leader

Note that some workshops are no longer being offered, and have been removed from this listing, but workshop numbering remains consistent.

  1. Anton Armstrong (Tosdal Professor of Music and Choir Conductor, St. Olaf College)
    Hymnody and the Young
  2. Anton Armstrong 
    The Core of Choral Music in Lutheranism
  3. Mark Granquist (Associate Professor of Church History, Luther Seminary)
    Luther in America
  4. Mary Jane Haemig (Professor of Church History, Director of the Reformation Research Program, Luther Seminary) 
    Teaching Faith Today: How Luther Can Help Us
  5. Guillermo Hansen (Professor and Martin Luther King Jr. Chair for Justice and Christian Community, Luther Seminary)
    Luther around the World
  6. Marty Haugen (Composer of Contemporary Hymns and Liturgical Music)
    The Assembly Singing as Instrument
  7. Suzanne Hequet (Term Faculty of Theology, Concordia University, St. Paul)
    Regensburg 1541 and Justification Today
  8. Dirk Lange (Associate Dean, GTE; Professor and Frederik A. Schiotz Chair of Christian Missions; History/Theology Division Chair, Luther Seminary)
    Pope Francis Commemorates the Reformation: What Does this Mean?
  9. Susan Palo Cherwien (Freelance Writer and Musician)
    Words Matter: The Songs We Sing
  10. Andrew L. Wilson (Scholar, Traveler and Author)
    Luther's Pilgrimage to Rome
  11. Dona Peña (Composer and Performer)
    Latino Music
  12. Mary Preus (Music Director and Song Leader, Our Savior's Lutheran Church)
    Global Music
  13. Kathy Romey (Director of Choral Activities and Artistic Director of the 200-Voice Symphonic Chorus, The Minnesota Chorale, University of Minnesota)
    Bach is Accessible and Relevant
  14. Don Saliers (William R. Cannon Distinguished Professor of Theology and Worship, Emeritus; Theologian-in-Residence, Emory Candler School of Theology)
    Ecumenical Connection to the Reformation
  15. Paul Westermeyer (Professor Emeritus, Church Music and Seminary Cantor, Luther Seminary)
    Hymnody of the Reformation
  16. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson (Editor of Lutheran Forum and Visiting Professor, Institute for Ecumenical Research)
    Luther's Christology
  17. Greg Van Dunk (Former President of Luther Seminary Alumni Association and Mission Developer of All Peoples Church, Milwaukee, Wis.)
    Crash Course on Luther and the Protestant Reformation

Luther Rose among cobblestones