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Credit Transfer

Receive graduate credit for undergrad classes

Luther Seminary is now granting M.A./M.Div. credit for prior academic work that students have completed at the undergraduate level, following guidelines established by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

This program, known as Advanced Standing, allows students to petition for credit for qualifying religion classes completed at an undergraduate institution before enrolling at Luther Seminary.

If the prior classes are accepted under terms of this program, students can receive credit for up to five M.Div. courses or three M.A. courses. This allows students to accelerate their degree program, minimize student debt and graduate faster.

For each credit accepted, students will be charged a flat fee of $250.

Qualifying religion courses under this program include those:

  1. Completed in the last 5 years
  2. In which students earned a grade of B or better
  3. 300-level or higher religion courses ?at the undergrad level (?Exception: Biblical language courses will be considered below 300-level?.)

How does the petition process work?

Students can petition for credit for individual courses completed at the undergraduate level after they have submitted an admissions deposit and during the first calendar year in which they are enrolled at Luther. Petitions will be reviewed from September to May each year.

The petition process includes:

Student request for each course to be evaluated for possible transfer? with student attaching:

  • Official transcript (if not already on file at LS)
  • Copy of syllabus being evaluated (An individual petition is required for each petitioned course.)
  • Explanation of how this course would apply to M.A. or M.Div. curriculum (i.e., concentration course, elective, etc.)
  • Explanation of how previously completed course aligns with program outcomes

The maximum credit transfer allowed is 5.0 M.Div. credits or 3.0 M.A. credits.

After students provide this petition information to the Student Resource Center, the completed petition will be reviewed by designated staff to determine if the coursework is acceptable for transfer.

If the transfer is allowed, the Registrar's Office will update the student's record to reflect the appropriate credit for prior learning.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at 651-641-3473 or at