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Students sitting outside Bockman

Scholarship Impact

Your gift makes a BIG difference

The average student receives $6,937 in scholarships and grants, according to the 2014 Annual Report. As the sample student budget below shows, this leaves a significant gap for students to fill. The figures are for a typical single student, living on campus for the 2014-15 school year.

  Tuition $15,500
  Living expenses and books $35,078
  Total $50,578*
  * Reflects estimated cost for students living off campus

Scholarship facts

Luther Seminary awarded $2.8 million in scholarships during 2013-14. In addition, local congregations provide assistance to individual students. On average, this covers approximately half of the cost of tuition, but students still incur significant living expenses that must be covered through employment, loans or other sources of income.

Seventy percent of Luther Seminary graduates graduate with student loan debt. Median indebtedness for these students is $47,858. 

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