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Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Tim Wrenn is a student at Luther Seminary.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

You Tube presentations of interest related to stewardship. These may be able to help you come up with a different approach in either presenting or educating your congregation on stewardship.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Reviewd by Tim Wrenn.  Luther Seminary student, class of 2010.  Serving as a missionary in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

A movie about the national and personal debt crisis.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: ELCA stewardship staff
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

Five kids went to the mall. Each received $50.  What did they do with it?  

This is an exciting new resource for a confirmation class or a youth retreat.  

The goal of this easy-to-use educational unit is to introduce youth to a life of balanced financial stewardship by sharing 10 percent, saving 10 percent and spending wisely 80 percent of their income.  

Supplementary letters for parents and church council members help create a congregational climate that nurtures future steward leaders.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Updated: 11/30/2012

Watch the panel discussion of sustainable congregational stewardship ideas. Participants are Kristin Wiersma from Seraphim Communications, Pr. Kris Capel from Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, Minnesota, and Rolf Jacobson and Chick Lane from Luther Seminary.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Andy Root
  • Updated: 05/23/2012


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