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Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Jacob Needleman
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 0-385-26242-6
  • Copyright: Currency Doubleday

Money and the Meaning of Life is a study of the relationship of money and the spiritual life.

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Robert Wuthnow is the Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor of Sociology and director of the Center for the Study of American Religion at Princeton University.
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 0-19-511020-X
  • Copyright: Oxford University Press

A searching look at the financial and spiritual crises besetting America's churches.

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Michael Durall is principal of the Common Wealth Consulting Group in Belmont, Mass. He is also publisher of the quarterly newsletter Charitable Giving.
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 1-56699-220-6
  • Copyright: Alban Institute

Michael Durall argues that annual pledge drives inadvertently perpetuate low-level and same-level giving in congregations.

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Patrick McNamara is emeritus professor of sociology at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and past president of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 1-56699-215-X
  • Copyright: The Alban Institute

The following review of the book More than Money: Portraits of Transformative Stewardship is by:
Dr. Steve Ramp
Senior Pastor
Westminster Presbyterian Church
115 N 25th Ave
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Herb Miller
  • Updated: 12/18/2012
  • ISBN: 0-88177-132-5
  • Copyright: Discipleship Resources

Money Is Everything: What Jesus Said About the Spiritual Power of Money


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