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Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 06/08/2004

This is how monkeys are captured in Southeast Asia.

In some areas of that part of the world (mostly in the rural villages),monkey meat is considered a viable food source. An easy way to catch a monkey is to tie a jar or vase with a very narrow neck out where there are monkeys.

The mouth of the vessel is just wide enough for the monkey to squeeze it's paw inside. Peanuts are placed in the container. The monkey wants the nuts, so it reaches in, grabs a fistful of peanuts but cannot withdraw its paw because of the fist it has made.

What is obvious is that all the creature has to do is let go of the fistful of peanuts and it can go free. But their stubborness in holding on to that fistful of peanuts results in a lot of monkeys winding up on the dinner table.

I wonder what we are holding on to so tightly in our lives? What do we have clenched in our fists that we are unwilling to let go?