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  • Author: Catalogue of Philanthropy
  • Updated: 02/22/2008

Click on: Catalogue of Philanthropy to see the Generosity Index 2003.

This site reveals how generous your state is compared to other states, you will find this interesting.  

Submitted by -
Rev. Heather Eeman Hammond
Bishop's Associate
Minneapolis Area Synod, ELCA

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  • Updated: 02/20/2007

Click on the link above to hear Nathan Dungan, president and founder of Share-Save-Spend񕄠, on National Public Radio's "Speaking of Faith" discussing money and moral balance. Below are links to other related resources.

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  • Updated: 01/15/2007

Nathan Dungan encourages a discipline whereby people share 10%, save 10% and wisely spend 80%.

On his web site, [Share - Save - Spend] he provides links to various sources that assist people in carrying out this discipline.

Below are links that relate particularly to the discipline of "wise spending."

A click on any underlined item will bring you to that web site.

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  • Author: ELCA
  • Updated: 01/10/2007

Pericope Partners vignettes connect the ministries of the ELCA with weekly lectionary readings.

These stories are intended for those who are preparing sermons or for insertion in Sunday bulletins or newsletters.

By sharing these stories, you lift up the ministries that are supported by your congregation's mission support dollars.

Click on Pericope Partners and download them as PDF files for print distribution.  

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  • Author: Dan Carlson
  • Updated: 08/04/2006