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Story  Story
  • Author: Source Unknown
  • Updated: 11/20/2006

Short story about what you see

Story  Story
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 11/20/2006

Laying up tresures for self but not rich toward God.

Story  Story
  • Author: Barb DeGrote-Sorensen works for the Central Minnesota Community Foundation of St. Cloud. She lives in Sartell, Minnesota.
  • Updated: 03/07/2006
  • ISBN: 080664995X
  • Copyright: Augsburg-Fortress Publishing

Barb DeGrote-Sorensen tells the story about how a begging bowl that helped her realize her need to receive.  

Stewardship is about receiving as much, if not more, than it is about giving.

Story  Story
  • Author: Story told by Dr. James I. McCord, then president emeritus of Princeton.
  • Updated: 11/02/2005

Dr. McCord told the story about a man who commented that he was never coming back to a particular church because all they ever talked about in that church was give, give, give.

Concluded Dr. McCord: I cannot think of a better definition of Christianity than that: give, give, give.

Story  Story
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Updated: 01/31/2005

A story about a poor family who joyfully sacrificed to help others.