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Keep it Simple

Beyond faith communities, the second most popular place for charitable giving is colleges and universities.

Giving Alone

Many assumptions accompany the way we do church. Some of these theological and cultural assumptions are

Winner-Takes-All? Gaming Church Structures

While we seek another way, the mindset of our culture is obsessed with winning and losing. Someone’s

Gratitude & Grace

There are many G-words in the English-speaking church world; God, Good, Glory, Giving. But in the work

Unwrapping the Annual Campaign

The annual stewardship appeal ripples through many congregations in the fall, but the planning should

No More Junk Mail

Stewardship ministry is about big, conceptual, theological challenges. And, it’s also be about smaller,

Together For Good

As we tumble into the Easter season, we remember stories about how the disciples first banded together

Seeds of Generosity

The assumption goes that congregation members can support the salaries of their leaders. But that’s

Pounding on the Pulpit

What if people were inspired by love at the thought of stewardship, instead of sighing with exasperation?

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