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Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose helps the reader develop a mission statement that forms a strong connection between

What Do I Own and Who Owns Me?

When all is said and done, we own nothing because we are possessed wholly and completely by a "good and

Joy at Work

Bakke provides an inspiring case study of a Christian businessman who understands that God calls him to

Stewards in the Kingdom: A Theology of Life in All Its Fullness

This theological work identifies the "steward" as a central Christian identity that defines who we are

The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on Its Gifts

This is an action - reflection resource for congregations.  It broadens awareness to consider the

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect is a story about Small Pine, a perfect tree, which allows itself to

The Passionate Steward

The Passionate Steward is a forthright and critical review of the assumptions and practices of secular

Living Stewardship: A Lifelong Journey

Stewardship is often likened to a three-legged stool, with the three legs being time, talents, and treasures.

Speaking of Stewardship: Model Sermons on Money and Possessions

Characteristics of a good stewardship sermon.
Contains 23 model Stewardship Sermons

Notes derived from

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