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Asking for Gifts

Church as Street Performer

Over the next few weeks, the newsletter will explore some resources -- books and beyond -- that consider

Making the Case

I have had several conversations this past month with Pastors working with their congregation's leadership

Who preaches the Stewardship Sermon?

About this time every year, in fact it happened just yesterday, the phone begins to ring in the office

Church Administration

I've recently read two books on church administration, each of which stresses the connection between faithful

Stewards of God's Love

My colleague, Grace Duddy, has written a wonderful new year-round stewardship resource entitled "Stewards

Stewardship around the Kitchen Table

This email continues our series written by parish pastors who share stewardship ideas that have worked

Two Good Conversations

This email suggests two conversations you could have in your stewardship committee, based on two conversations

Northeast Ecumenical Stewardship Council

One of our readers, Frederick Wedemeyer, called with information about the Northeast Ecumenical Stewardship

Expand Your Ways of Giving

I recently conducted two stewardship workshops in the ELCA's Northern Great Lakes Synod. As I planned

Stewardship 101 ebook cover

Search all stewardship resources by author, keyword or topic.