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Asking for Gifts

Why People Become Generous Stewards

Pastor Merv Thompson and I have breakfast together two or three times a year. Earlier this spring, a few

Generous People in the Bible: Honoring God with our Money (Mark 14:3-9)

This week's email continues the "Generous People in the Bible" series. Here, we look at the woman who

The Offering

I have been in several conversations lately where people asked about the role of offering as an act

Five Reasons to Pledge

Five reasons to pledge include:
1. Taking the time
2. Sharing, not losing
3. Worthy gifts
4. Word and

Devotions to Guide Your Prayerful Consideration in Regard to Your Giving

Paul Larsen of Christ the Christ the King Lutheran Church, New Brighton, MN. wrote: "Every year we ask

Capital Fund Campaigns and Good Stewardship

1 Chronicles 29:2-9

Larry Wingard talks about how Capital Fund Campaigns can produce or allow good stewards

Creating Generosity

Most of our stewardship talks and sermons about giving are immediately mentally filed under, "their asking

What Kind of Giver Are You?

Within this article, the reader is asked to look at how giving impacts their life. For giving is something

Stewardship Lesson Overview

This is an overview and guide for a series of three lessons on generosity of about 50-60 minutes. Each

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