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Asking for Gifts

Restoring the Joy of Giving

This article shares the story of how one person's gift to a congregation inspired the congregation to

Do Not Deny Anyone The Opportunity to Discover the Joy of Generosity

Gerry Rafftery writes:
"I am convinced that if the invitation is proclaimed, wrapped in the Gospel message,

On Offerings and Auctions

<iGary L. Langness describes the offering tradition in Tanzania: "They all came, from the youngest

Special Thank Offering

I wonder what would happen in our congregations if someone came to their pastor and requested a special

Financial Stewardship in an Emerging Congregation

The Emerging Church is strugglng with issues of financial stewardship.  
This is a story about what

Break the Giving Barrier

A stewardship letter to Beaver Lake Lutheran Church encouraging people to be faithful in the stewardship

Edythe’s Gifts: Three Stewardship Skits

Have you ever found a gift that was so perfect for someone that you couldn't wait to give it to them?

God's Glorious Variety

"God has given you a unique set of gifts that are yours alone . . .   Whatever your gifts are, God

Abundance vs. Leftovers

A temple talk on Commitment during a capital funds campaign at Peace Lutheran Church, Bowling Green, Ohio

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