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Stewardship lessons: from environmental to financial

Today's writer is a second year seminary student who is discovering an increasing number of links between

An Open Letter for Students Entering Seminary

Two weeks ago we blessed and graduated students who have invested themselves in the work of preparing

Stewardship Wisdom

We asked several excellent stewardship leaders what counsel they would offer to seminary graduates who

Good Counsel for First Call Pastors

Seminary Seniors will be graduating this month with the anticipation of their First Call. We have asked

What me, a stewardship leader?

As I move about our campus I visit with Senior students who are in their final weeks of classes as they

Stewardship of Creation

Today we conclude our four-part series on the Stewardship of Creation with an article that anchors our

Meet the New Director!

It is a true pleasure for us to introduce to you the new Director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders,

The Best July Ever!

"What Will We Do in 2015?" is our continuing theme as we asked stewardship leaders what worked so well

Preaching Jesus in the Chaos of Consumerism

Once in a while it is worth going back to something we have read before because it speaks so well to our

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