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Maxed Out directed by James Scurlock-- Nothing's Priceless

A movie about the national and personal debt crisis.

Review of "Maxed Out"

Maxed Out Trailer

"At times

Priorities and Respect?

This is a story about a teacher who tells others what she makes.

Priorities and Respect?

The dinner

Generosity at Starbucks

Matt Dobyns tells this story of an experience he had that taught him about what generosity is and what

A Life of Joy

The story that follows is an occasion in the ministry of Rev. John Schreiber in which a woman's pledge

Motivation for Giving

"I started thinking about all the ways that God has blessed me and what a wonderful life God has given

Ben's Story of Hope

This is a story about a 10-year-old who celebrated his birthday by making a difference in the lives of

Making a Difference

God doesn't call us to save the world, but God does call us to serve the world.

Making a Difference

Socks are Fundamental

Stewardship is fundamental to effective discipleship.

Socks are Fundamental

Any basketball player who

Thank You, Pastor, for Saying "Thank you" (Part 2)

One week, Gary and Carol Langness received two "thank you" letters from their pastor. The second one really

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