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Bag Lady

A true story.

One day our church secretary was in the office by herself. She could see a "bag-lady" walking


Ernest Gordan relates a story from the book "To End All Wars" about sacrifice that totally transformed

The Charitable Legacy of Author James Michener

To Michener, how much he had was less important than what he did with it.

James Michener was 90 years

My Dad Taught Me

My brother, David, is an outstanding stewardship leader.  He has a very  commendable record

Lilly Strong - A Widow's Might

Each month I gave Lilly my time and attention as a responsible, caring pastor. Each month, Lilly Strong

Cure Affluenza: Become a Tither!

Pastor Egge sent the following comment after viewing information about the Compolo series on "Curing Affluenza."

Deceitfulness of Wealth

What is the difference between a window and a mirror?

One day a certain rich man who lived a miserable

Greed and Grace

The old movie, "Stars in My Crown," is a story about a man who showed amazing grace in the midst of incredible

The Musical Miser Who Gave Away a Million

Henry Klooster, a bookkeeper who died at 98, never spent more than $1,000 on a "new" car, used paper-clips

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