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Gospel for Thanksgiving

This email is the last in our fall series on stewardship themes in the assigned gospels. This week,

This Past Year Has Been Challenging

A couple weeks ago, I opened an email and read the following stewardship talk that was given in worship

Telling the Story

We held the Rethinking Stewardship: Connecting Faith and Finances conference at Luther Seminary in late

The best stewardship practice that I've seen lately

I have received feedback to this newsletter that you appreciate a blend of stewardship theory and practice.

Giving of the Whole Self

Luther Seminary student, Grace Duddy, who works in the Center for Stewardship Leaders, wrote this article

Stewardship for the Missional Church (VIDEO)

This week's email continues our series on the "Rethinking Stewardship" conference from 2010. The feature

Promoting Your Endowment

Many congregations have an endowment fund. Some of these have received many gifts. Others languish for

Rethinking Stewardship: Goddess of Meanness and Greed: Ayn Rand and the Religious Right

This email continues our series based on presentations from the Rethinking Stewardship supplement of

Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

This email continues the series on "Generous People in the Bible." The focus this week is the well-known

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