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"O Day Full of Grace" Stewardship Resource

Last spring, a Stewardship for the 21st Century email suggested that spring is a perfect time to start

Top Ten Little Known Stewardship Verses

Two weeks ago, we shared the top ten stewardship verses from Mary Sue Dreier's presentation at the Rethinking

Rethinking Stewardship: US Christians and the Riddle of Stingy Giving

This email continues our series based on the Rethinking Stewardship supplement to Word & World This

Top Ten Stewardship Verses

At last summer's Rethinking Stewardship conference, Mary Sue Dreier, associate professor of Congregation

Rethinking Stewardship: An Introduction

This is an exciting moment in the "Stewardship for the 21st Century" email series. This is the first of

Stewardship with People Under 40

I often find myself in conversation with church leaders who wonder how best to "do stewardship" with

Give First

It is sometimes easy to imagine that giving exists in isolation from the rest of a person's financial

Stewarding New Life

This week we continue our children, youth and family video series with Pastor Tim Coltvet. Below he shares

Money Talk, Money Myths

This week I send you part of a sermon preached by Nancy Carlson on Mother's Day this last year. This

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