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The Stewardship of White Privilege

In recent months, I’ve repeatedly been drawn to questions that connect race and stewardship. To

Coming Attractions

Today's article is meant for those who escort the Word into the gathered worshipping communities each

When Jesus Talks About Money

Today we take a look at Jesus' focus on our relationship to money and possessions as a matter of importance

Lectionary ties to Year-Round Stewardship

We have asked the question of what we should be doing now as we prepare for the fall stewardship programs

Coats of Kindness

Sometimes you run into a story that needs to be told. A colleague at Luther Seminary told me about Coats

Preaching Jesus in the Chaos of Consumerism

I am pleased to offer the following for our last email of 2012. Karoline Lewis offers profound thoughts

It All Belongs to God

In this email, Pastor Tim Coltvet reflects on stewardship and the season. Knowing that it all belongs

Money Sanity U

The Center for Stewardship Leaders is very fortunate to have a great working relationship with Nathan

Stewardship in December

Stewardship in December can be a challenge, especially when there is a gap between actual offerings and

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