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Who, Me?

Genesis 32:22-31, Romans 12:3-13, Luke 18:1-8

Looking at each other through God's eyes.  The world

We Know Who Holds Tomorrow

We often say one should "lead by example." Pastor Dave Peterson found out just how powerful an example

Radical Generosity

Our call is to live God's radical generosity, for "Grounded in grace, (we are) sent to serve." 

Rich in the Eyes of God

A sermon based on Luke 12:13-21. Jesus parable reminds us that we'll never get the formula for our lives

What God Wants For Us

Luke 11:1-13

Stewardship is the management of life with Jesus Christ at the center.
It's that simple.

One Incredible Trust (We’re Not Talking Peanuts Here)

Matthew 25:14-30
Christ the King (A)

"God has, in fact, entrusted everything that is God's into your

Not Just Be Careful... Beware!

Luke 21:34-36

"This world is not our true or permanent home.  We are here as pilgrims and sojourners.

The Great Giveaway (What does God do with it?)

Text: 1 Chronicles 29:10-16

"When God gives, God gives abundantly. When God bestows, God bestows lavishly!

God’s Crazy Arithmetic (Give it - there will be more to give)

1 Kings 17:8-16

Trust and obedience -- committing ones self to the Lord and to his word ... this is the

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