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Jump Start Your Congregation's Online Giving

This week's email is the first of a two part series on Online Giving.  As I visit with congregations,

"Enough" by Adam Hamilton

I know of several congregations that have used the book "Enough" by Adam Hamilton as the basis for a

How to Give

How do members and guests make their gifts to your congregation? More and more congregations are wrestling

Stewardship of Self

As we all know, stewardship is about much more than money. This email focuses on pastors' stewardship

Generous Givers: the Macedonians

In this email, Grace Duddy continues her series on generous people in the Bible. Today, she focuses

Getting vs. Giving

This email and video come as a part of the Children Youth and Family stewardship series. The message

It's What I'm Supposed to Do

This email is the second of a mini-series of stewardship newsletter articles written by the Rev. Josh

Timeonomics - Part 2


Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary.

Exuberant Giving in Exodus 35-36

There are many stories of generous giving in the Bible. Starting with this week's newsletter, Occasional

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