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Tell and Celebrate

The Most Important Thing I've Learned

I'm retiring from the position of Director of the Center for Stewardship Leaders. Fortunately, it looks

Who Are You Talking With?

Over the years, I've found that informal stewardship conversations have had he ability to expand my understanding

Why Do You Give?

Thanksgiving is upon us. For whom are you thankful?  Why do you give?

Speaking of Thanksgiving,

Having a Healthy Relationship with Money

This email continues our series of articles on how congregations are helping members connect faith and

Geography of Charitable Giving: Seeing Need Face-to-Face

There are lots of statistics about giving out there. Behind these statistics are usually some interesting

If Jesus Had to Print Money

In late February Pastor Alan Storey preached a powerful sermon during Luther Seminary chapel. The text

I Traveled Around the World This Week

Pastor Lee Hallstrom has a short role in the new Minneapolis and St. Paul Area Synods' video, "I Hear

The 9.5 Theses of Stewardship

Author Gary Moore, investment, adviser and founder of the Financial Seminary, has written an article that

Quarterly Statements as an Invitation to Community

This article speaks of the importance of providing information to members that have given but also to

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